Ascension is a church which…

Preaches the Gospel. We believe our main job is to proclaim the good news that sins are freely forgiven for Jesus’ sake. Our job is not to promote social or political causes.

Is faithful to the Bible. We believe the Bible is God’s eternal Word, that it contains no error or “myths”, and that it is the only book that can show us how to be saved and how to live a Christian life.

Condemns sin. We believe that all people are sinful by nature, and would be eternally lost without faith in Christ. We preach repentance of sins.

Clings to Christ. We believe that trusting in Jesus Christ is the only way to get to heaven. You can’t get there by doing good deeds, and you can’t get there by “trying to be a good person”.

Reaches out. We hold precious the common faith that unites us, and we wish to share it with others. We want you to know the joy of complete pardon and peace through Christ! You are warmly invited to join us for worship services every Sunday morning at 11:30 a.m. We also offer adult instruction classes in the basic teachings of the Bible.

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For more information please contact Pastor Jonah Albrecht, (507)329-2641 Email Us