The Third to Last Sunday in the Church Year


    The Third to Last Sunday in the Church Year | November 10th

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    Job 13:28-14:6

    28 So a man rots away like a garment eaten by moths.

    14 Man born of woman has a few short days, and they are full of anxiety.
    He blossoms like a flower, but soon withers.
    He recedes like a shadow and does not remain.
    You keep your eye on such a man.
    You bring me[f] into judgment in your presence.
    Who can produce something pure from something that is impure?
    No one.
    Certainly his days are determined.
    The number of his months has been set by you.
    A limit is set, which he cannot exceed.
    Turn your gaze away from him, and let him be,
    until he finishes his day’s work as a hired man.

    The LORD provides relief from our sufferings

    I. You don’t need to be Job to feel like him
    II. But Jesus suffered to secure our salvation